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Norah Guide Expands on Twin Flames: How do you know if you’ve already met them?

I started talking a little bit about what a twin flame is, and a little bit about the difference between a twin flame and a soul mate recently on this blog and elsewhere across my social media sites. I have received a LOT of feedback and more questions on this topic, and so I am going to go into more detail on this topic today. If you want to keep up to date on my discussions on this topic, be sure that you check out the location of my various other social media sites on the Norah Guide page, and join my circles to continue expanding your knowledge on all that there is to know for you on this plane, and in many others. But today, Norah Guide is going to chat about signs that your twin flame is already in your life.

As I mentioned previously, there is a difference between a twin flame and a soul mate. You will have many soul mates in this life, and in all of your other lives as well. They will be both men and women, and when you meet them, you will feel like you’ve already known them for lifetimes. That’s because you have! Your soul mates are the group of people that you banded with before you incarnated to come down to Earth and learn your spiritual lessons.  You separated from them then but have the blessed opportunity to reconnect with them from life time to life time, occasion to occasion, and so on, and they are your helpers in getting through Life’s challenges.  This is why when you meet them, you feel like you’ve known them for forever. You have.

Twin flames are very similar, but their connection with you is much deeper. They are the literal but spiritual other half of you. MOST of the time but not all of the time they are the opposite sex of you.  If one is homesexual, lesbian, or what have you however, your twin flame will be the same sex as you, they will have the same sexual predisposition as you, as this love is based on a romantic love that strengthens the deepest love of all on this plane, unconditional love.

Like your soul mates, when you meet your twin flame you will feel like you have known them for centuries.  Again, that’s because you have. You may have experienced past lives with them, but that is not always the case. This is one of those connections where you feel like you know the other person’s thoughts, what they are about to say, and there are so many coincidences surrounding you all the time regarding that person, that it just seems too uncanny to be anything other than spiritually ordained.  As well, it is not necessary for your twin flame to live in the same city or even the same country as you. If you have met your twin flame, but they live far away or move far away, that connection will never go away. Because this is a spiritual connection, there is nothing physical in this world that can separate the two of you.

So how do you connect with your twin flame if they aren’t around you physically? Or how do you connect with them if you haven’t even met them? Chances are you already have, you just may not be aware of it as such. You will see them in your dreams, one very important reason why I tell you to keep an eye on your dream content regularly. You will also see them come up in meditation. If you aren’t sure if you have met yours or not, you probably haven’t, but the twin flame relationship is predestined, so you can rest assured that you WILL meet them one day.

To get closer to your twin flame, you can pray for them as often as you like. Ask your guides and angels to send you information on your twin flame, or simply ask them to send messages to your twin flame that you are waiting for them, and looking forward to seeing them.  Don’t knock this advice off as froo froo. You would be surprised at some of the twin flame connections that I have heard of. One woman met a man and as soon as she met him she knew he was her twin, because she had actually seen his face in her dreams before, and even knew what his voice would sound like before she ever heard it in this life!  She had dreamed about him when she was six years old in this life!  At the time, she had never heard about twin flames, but she DID know that this man was the most powerful male influence she had ever met in any of her lives.

Asking the guides and angels to bless your twin flame every day will strengthen those connections and bonds and bring you two closer together. Even if it seems impossible, remember that anything that is predestined is never impossible.  When you start praying for your twin flame journey to manifest in your daily life, a number of coincidences called synchronicities will begin to happen. They will happen more, and more, and more as your awareness on this phenomenon is heightened, and your journey of enlightenment begins. When you start to see 11:11 manifest in your daily life, that is the angels telling you, your twin flame is on their way back to you. Keep praying, and keep blessing, and relish the love that is on its way to you. Be blessed, and happy Sunday folks!

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