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Premium Astrology Daily Astrological Forecast Thursday September 5, 2013 

Happy Thursday and happy New Moon day friends! Today’s cosmic gifts will smooth out any wrinkles the week has bestowed on you thus far.  The New Moon activates in Virgo at 4:37 A.M. on the West Coast, and just as most on the East Coast are getting ready for their day.  This is your golden opportunity to wipe your slates clean, and put forward any plans you have been stewing over.

The next 4 weeks can be ones of abundance for you if you channel this energy and these aspects today, and through the next 48 hours as well.  Remember that Virgo is not only a sign of health and medicine, nutrition and diet, organization and order, efficiency and cleaning, learning and education, but it has much to do with being of service to society in a variety of ways. Thus, just like teachers, nurses and doctors seek to help their students or patients, think of novel ways you can inspire dear ones and friends to contribute to the well-being of their neighborhoods, schools and communities.

Nurturing others — particularly maternal figures, shut-ins, the disabled and truly needy — makes sense as Ceres forms a fairly rare polarity to Neptune this morning at 9:20 A.M. on the East Coast. Let your optimistic mind-set take over for a good portion of the day — thanks to the Moon forming a constructive, 60-degree rapport with upbeat, giant Jupiter. Stock up on cereals, grains, veggies, fruit, vitamins, minerals, tea, nuts, seeds and seasonings. Strive to make the little things in life work on your behalf — allowing you to be clicking on all cylinders.

It’s a quiet day from the cosmos friends, with a New Moon and some luck from Jupiter! Harness the power of Virgo to its fullest potential, and prepare for abundance in return.  Do enjoy and have a grand one!

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